Raising funds for TEXSAR -- Sept. 21st

We have collaborated with some of our favorite designers and are throwing a party to help raise funds to give back to Texsar.

Join us...



After all the natural disasters lately, we are doing our part to help out and to donate where is needed during these tragic times for many. Everyone wants to help....myself included. So much money is being raised & I wonder how it will be effectively dispersed.

We have decided to have an event using our resources and shop for a cause. This particular event will give back to TEXSAR. 

What is TEXSAR?

Please watch the video about this committed group of highly trained volunteers. They spend weekends & time off in training to be prepared when disaster hits. They have been heavily utilized as first responders (without compensation) during the most recent disasters. This group relies on donations, but also has first hand knowledge of who needs help and may not otherwise get it.


I hope you will join use in raising funds to hand over to this group. I have faith that this group will use the funds wisely.

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