Kick Off - Meet the Designers: Featuring Dian Malouf

Kick Off - Meet the Designers: Featuring Dian Malouf

WEDNESDAY @ 7:00pm (CST)

I think it’s interesting all the new ideas that 2020 has forced us to create...and this is one of them.  Imagine getting to visit & watch a live presentation from a renown designer and author.  Learn how she is inspired, how the jewelry is created and lovely details of the lady behind the jewelry.  

Join us for a private shopping experience with Dian & Brooke Malouf. Zoom Technology provides us the opportunity to bring these Designers in front of you for questions, shoppings & a “get to know them session!” It’s a new experience that should be fun!

You will not be on video. Dian, Brooke & Kelly (from Trends) will present. You will be able to type questions & comment “SOLD!”

If you enjoy this event - you can register for the Thursday Night “Meet the Designer” series.

 Registering is like an RSVP - let us know you will be attending by registering here: Name & email address is all that is required. You will receive an email link to join.

Wednesday night, Nov. 11 Event at 7:00pm (CST).



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