First post

Where do I begin?  I have been at this for 50 years....this year actually marks 50 years in business.  And actually, it was started by my mother when I was 9 months old.  My mother is still at the store in San Marcos, Texas almost every day.  I had to force her to take a day off each week, so I could justify taking one!

Even though I started as "the girl that watered the plants" and "the girl that got people a 10 cent bottled Coke in the afternoon"....I have managed to work my way up.  Now I'm "the girl that drives a truck and trailer!"  (That's another blog to come).  This business is super challenging and constantly changing.  But the one thing that we stand by and have never REAL customer service and quality products.  I hope you enjoy getting know our lil business. I hope you fall in love with our central Texas Hill Country style.  

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